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August’s Featured Business: A Cleaner Place

A Cleaner Place is located in Walnut Village at 122 and North Rockwell in Oklahoma City. It’s a locally owned, family business. They sell and repair vacuums and also sell natural cleaners, personal care products and more. We were able to interview A Cleaner Place’s co-owner Jeanie Jones, here is what she had to say about the store.

Steve Fuhrman & Jeanie Jones owners of A Cleaner Place

GO: What made you decide to start A Cleaner Place?
JJ: Steve had a Vacuum Cleaner Store in California. When we got married, we moved to OK, home for me. Our first location in OK, we used the name VacShack, which was the name of his store in CA. When we moved to our current location, November, 2009, we changed the name to reflect what we do. I started using natural cleaning products because of my own sensitivities. I used to make all my own, before they were available commercially. Steve carried some cleaning products and I convinced him to try greener alternatives. Now we look for products that are natural, sustainable and regionally-made, whenever possible. That has expanded into not just Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Cleaning Products, Cleaning Supplies but also Kitchen Gadgets and Personal Care Products.
GO: Why is it important to you that your business is eco-friendly?
JJ: We want to offer things that are healthy for our customers. Our tagline, Your Clean & Healthy Home Store, is what we are all about. We don’t believe you can have healthy without clean and vice versa. Healthy for our Environment is a natural extension of that philosophy. We both grew up on farms and agree that more natural, getting back to nature is good for us, the next generation, our pets and our precious planet.

GO: What’s the best advice about going green you have ever gotten?
JJ: It still has to work.
GO: If someone was going to try just one of your products which would you recommend?
JJ: Wow! That is a hard question. I guess it would be Pet Odor Eliminator by Unique Manufacturing. It can be used for what it says, but also for any organic stain or odor. It can replace so many products and can be diluted and used as a spray, as well. It is completely natural and was in existence and eco-friendly before eco-friendly was cool.
GO: Why do you feel it’s important to shop locally?
JJ: The local shops are our neighbors. They have a vested interest in the success of their business, which means they care about us as customers. You get much better service from them. But, the reason it’s important is because the money you spend stays here. You are supporting people who choose to make their home in the same community that you do. More like-minded, they care more about the things that you do.

GO: What is your favorite thing to do in Oklahoma?
JJ: Watch Sooner Football, of course! Really, anything that involves getting together with friends. The people are Oklahoma’s greatest resource.

GO: Other than your own business what is your favorite eco-friendly business in Oklahoma?
JJ: Braum’s. I know it is not what people typically think of, but I love that they have their own dairy and are only major ice cream maker in the country that milks its own cows. Buying local is the best kind of sustainability, in my opinion. I love their fresh markets. From their website: “We have always believed that the natural way is the best way.”


Hope you enjoyed getting to learn more about A Cleaner Place and the face behind the business. Be sure to let us know other local green businesses you would like to see featured. Just post in the comments below, on our Facebook page or email us at gogreenokla@gmail.com.

Curbside Recycling Coming to Ada

Last night at the Ada Public Works Authority meeting the city discussed a contract with WCA of Oklahoma, LLC for sanitation collection and disposal services. One of the options for the council members to consider included curbside recycling. The members had several questions about curbside recycling, such as cost for the citizens, cost for the city, and if the city wanted curbside.

Members of the Ada Recycling Coalition attended the meeting and were able to answer several of the council member’s questions. Several people at the meeting spoke up about the need for curbside recycling and how many citizens had voiced an interest in it.

After a long discussion about curbside recycling and the other trash collection issues, the council members voted 5-0 in favor of curbside recycling being included in the new trash contract with WCA of Oklahoma, LLC. After the vote the room broke out in applause.

Ada’s public works director believes curbside recycling should begin in around 90 days. Customers will get one recycling bin and will only have to sort trash from the recyclables. At this time what items will be collected is unknown but that information should be available soon.

We will continue to follow this story and give updates as we receive them.

About the Author

Lisa Sharp is passionate about green living, organic food, animals, and natural medicine. She is an environmental activist, green living expert, and consultant. In addition to being the founder and editor of Green Oklahoma, Lisa has a green living blog, Retro Housewife Goes Green. You can follow Lisa on twitter @Retrohousewife5 and Facebook.



Choctaw Nation Recycling Center

The Choctaw Nation opened a recycling center on December 1st, 2010 and it’s still going strong. The center was funded through an Energy Efficieny Community Block Grant from the Department of Energy. The facility employees four full-time staff members and is over 30,000 square feet.

The center is open to businesses and individuals. They accept newspaper, office paper, shredded paper, magazines, catalogs, plastics #1, 2 and 5, aluminum cans, steel cans, cell phones, printer cartridges and cardboard. They also held an e-waste event in January and collected almost 37,000 pounds of electronic waste.

The recycling center is located at 3108 Enterprise Drive in Durant and there are also several drop-off locations in the area, including Idabel, Atoka, Stringtown, Grant, Antlers, and more. To find the complete list click here.

Prior to the center’s opening there was no public facility within the 10-1/2 county area. “It fulfills a need in the Durant area, giving everyone an opportunity to recycle.” said Chief Pyle

The recycling center is located at 3108 Enterprise Drive in Durant, is open to the public for dropping off items 24 hours a day but is only manned from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The other drop-off locations are unmanned and open 24 hours a day.


Photo Credits: Choctaw Nation

About the Author

Lisa Sharp is passionate about green living, organic food, animals, and natural medicine. She is an environmental activist, green living expert, and consultant. In addition to being the founder and editor of Green Oklahoma, Lisa has a green living blog, Retro Housewife Goes Green. You can follow Lisa on twitter @Retrohousewife5 and Facebook.


Saving on Your Electric Bill

Electric bills can be really high as the temperatures rise. Use these tips to conserve energy and save money on your electric bill.

Save money on your electric bill, reduce your electric bill #greenliving #frugal

Summer can mean high electric bills, especially during hot weather. No one wants to have to spend even more money on an electric bill. These tips will help you save money and also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Saving on Your Electric Bill

Keep your windows covered.

Closing your blinds and curtains can help keep the sun from shining in and heating up your home. Blackout curtains can help even more.

Seal up your home.

Older windows and doors can let your cool air out of your home, you can find window seals at your local hardware stores to help keep the air inside.

Turn the thermostat up when away.

Turning up your thermostat a degree or two when away from the home can help save you money. You don’t want to go much higher than that though because it can be hard for the a/c to get caught up when you do get home. Smart thermostats can be set to automatically change temperatures.

Use fans.

Using fans can help keep your home cool and put less strain on your a/c. Look for energy efficient fans when buying them to keep from adding energy costs and be sure to turn them off when you leave the room.

Avoid the oven.

Using your oven can heat your home up, making your a/c work harder. Try and eat more cold meals, especially during the hottest part of the day. When you do need to warm meals use the stovetop, a toaster oven, or even an Instant Pot. Also keeping pots closed on the stove helps keep the heat in the pot and not in your house.

Unplug unused electronics.

Electronics can use what is called vampire energy, even when not in use. Be sure to unplug any electronics you aren’t using or plug them into power strips and turn the power strip off when done.

Use less energy during peak hours.

Peak energy use hours are 2 p.m.-7 p.m., during this time avoid extra energy use. This is also the peak water use time so avoid extra water use as well.

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.

Replacing your light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs can help save energy and they also put off less heat, keeping your home cooler.

Helpful Products

Save money on your electric bill, reduce your electric bill #greenliving #frugal

These are just a few ways you can conserve energy and save money on your electric bill. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list for more green living tips!