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Featured Business: Theraganics

Theraganics is an all natural soap store in Tulsa. It’s Tulsa’s only all natural soap shop! You will find everything from soap to bath bombs. The soaps use essential oils which are much safer than the fragrances most soaps use. We got the change to talk to Stephanie at Theraganics to learn more about the store, here is what she had to say.

Theraganics' Owner Stephanie

GO: What made you decide to start Theraganics?
I suffered with terrible acne for over 15 years. I went to the dermatologist several times and used just about every prescription and over-the-counter treatment out there just short of signing the waiver to be put on Accutane. I had read about all the possible side effects, including deformities in children and thought to myself there had to be a better way. I started researching natural skin products and formulating my own in the kitchen. After a few months my skin had made a complete turnaround. I started sharing my soap and other products with family and friends who also had great results. I was inspired to share it with everyone by starting my own company to help people suffering from skin ailments, and showing them how simple can be effective, safe, and luxurious at the same time.

GO: Why is it important to you that your business is eco-friendly?
Stephanie: Everything we do impacts the environment, and that really holds true for business. By minimizing our ecological impact we increase our positive output, in a sense. And, since Theraganics was founded on the desire to help people, I cannot think of a better way do that than by being eco-friendly.

GO: What’s the best advice about going green you have ever gotten?
Stephanie: The best advice I ever received was from the owner of a solar company. I originally wanted our production facility to be solar powered, and I had some very big ideas. However, my big ideas did not fit my small pocket-book unfortunately. Feeling frustrated about not being able to be as eco friendly as possible, he told me “just do what you can when you can”. Simple, right? That simple statement made a huge impact on me, and since then we take advantage of every chance we get to make an improvement on our eco-friendliness that we are able and it is reasonable to do. If everyone took that approach I think we would be so much better off as a society.

GO: What’s your favorite product you sell?
Stephanie: My favorite product has to be our Carrot Tomato soap. We take organic carrots and tomatoes, juice them, and then make soap with them. It adds a luxurious feel to the lather of the soap and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft – just as if you had received a facial at a spa!

GO: Why do you feel it’s important to support locally owned businesses?
Stephanie: It is important to support your local business people because the tax money goes directly into reinvestment in your community. Therefore you as a consumer have a direct impact on how your community flourishes.

GO: What is your favorite thing to do in Oklahoma?
Stephanie: I love to fish! Oklahoma has some of the best fishing spots, and it’s a short drive to your favorite fishing hole.

GO: Other than your own business what is your favorite eco-friendly business in Oklahoma?
Stephanie: Ion Solar here in Tulsa. They are one of the only solar companies around here and they are trying to make an impact on how Oklahomans power their homes and businesses. The concept definitely has not caught on here as much as the West coast, but they are seriously trying to change that.

Hope you enjoyed getting to learn more about Theraganics and the face behind the business. Be sure to let us know about other local green businesses you would like to see featured. Just post in the comments below, on our Facebook page or email us at gogreenokla@gmail.com. All photos are property of Theraganics.

Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations Amend Water Rights Lawsuit

The Chickasaw and Choctaw nations have amended their lawsuit over water rights, to not include any existing permits or agreements that Oklahoma City already holds. This came just one day after Oklahoma City acknowledged in court that tribes do have rights to water within tribal territories, but do not feel their rights are as broad as the tribes claim.

The tribes claim that an 1830 treaty gives them rights to water resources on tribal land. Oklahoma City officials however, claim other treaties also needs to be considered, including one signed in 1866. Oklahoma City officials claim, following the tribes’ revolt against the United States during the Civil War, that in this treaty the tribes relinquished tribal rights.

The tribes both agree, that while they are confident that they have strong legal claims to the water, they still would like to negotiate. In a letter to Gov. Fallin back in August, the tribes stated,

“We have previously and successfully worked on an intergovernmental basis to resolve difficult but now resolved challenges in a manner that, today, benefits all Oklahomans. We continue to hope that eventually we will do the same on water resource ownership and management issues.”

This issue is on-going and as sovereign nations the tribes are asking for a federal decision in the matter. Currently the lawsuit is in mediation with Duke University law professor Francis McGovern.


If you would like to know more about this issue read Oklahoma Native American Tribes Fight for Water Rights.


About the Author

Lisa Sharp is passionate about green living, organic food, animals, and natural medicine. She is an environmental activist, green living expert, and consultant. In addition to being the founder and editor of Green Oklahoma, Lisa has a green living blog, Retro Housewife Goes Green. You can follow Lisa on twitter @Retrohousewife5 and Facebook.


Photo credit: FreeWine


Eco-friendly Products at your Door

We all know the actress Jessica Alba, but you may be unaware of her latest efforts regarding all things green. She is a spokes person for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. And she has now partnered with Christopher Gavigan and together they have launched a new company, The Honest Company.

It is a company based on giving our children and our families the products that are safest, natural and healthy. I know for myself that this is a big concern, that is why I won’t use a lot of conventional products such as standard disposable diapers. Cloth diapering is a great way to be eco-friendly and avoid harsh chemicals along with being economical. For some, the idea of cloth makes them a little squeamish, but the natural and biodegradable diapers on the market are very expensive.

The Honest Company has kept this in mind when making all of their products. They have everything from diapers, baby wipes, soaps/shampoos, laundry detergent and even dish detergent that are all eco-friendly and at lower costs than many other similar products. They offer a free months trial of their products to first time customers so it is a great way to test out their products first hand!

About the Author


Deanna Layman is a stay at home mom, blogger and passionate about “going green.” After the birth of her son she realized just how much we are exposed to chemicals. She decided to begin her journey of going green. She is passionate about it and love to share all the new adventures she is experiencing. She also started a site for moms, Raisinginspiration.com, a place for moms to go and be encouraged, inspired and to create community.


Green Book Review: The Non-Toxic Avenger

The Non-Toxic Avenger written by Deanna Duke, the author of the blog, The Crunchy Chicken, is a gripping book that takes you on Deanna’s journey to rid her life, and her families, of toxins.

While this book is about toxins and chemicals, it is far from a science book. Deanna shares her personal story, including details about her son’s Asperger’s and her husband’s multiple myeloma, an incurable form of leukemia and even her own personal struggles.

While some of the facts in the book maybe a little scary and overwhelming, Deanna is realistic in her approach to fix them. Even if you feel you are already educated on toxins you will find yourself gasping a number of times when you read this book. Even with my knowledge on these issues I found myself being shocked by what I read.

This book is very honest and includes names of products that she once thought were fine but found out they weren’t as safe as she thought. She also shares which products she loved and were also safe. And for those of you that like DIY, she includes some great recipes for making your own products like soap, organic triple sac, and even a homemade mole repellant. Even though the topic is serious, true to Deanna’s writing on her blog you are sure to find humor in the book as well.

After you read this book you will likely want to rethink some of the products in your home. Thankfully the book has advice on what you can use in place of the toxic products and Deanna is honest about which concerns are likely the most important. She also talks in the book about slipping up at times and giving up on some changes for different reasons.

In a recent interview Deanna said, the follow things were the top three things she feels we should avoid-

“1. Bisphenol A (BPA) found in plastics, canned foods, canned beverages, store receipts and paper money

2. Triclosan found in anti-bacterial soaps, toothpaste and a huge number of consumer products (anything that claims it is bacteria resistant)

3. Parabens found as a preservative in body care products”

Overall this is a great book that everyone can learn something from. It’s a very interesting read and makes a great reference book. Be sure to add this book to your reading list this year, you won’t regret it. Look for it at your local book store, it’s also available online at Amazon.com.


About the Author


Lisa Sharp is passionate about green living, organic food, animals, and natural medicine. She is an environmental activist, green living expert, and consultant. In addition to being the founder and editor of Green Oklahoma, Lisa has a green living blog, Retro Housewife Goes Green. You can follow Lisa on twitter @Retrohousewife5 and Facebook.


Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book for the review. This does not effect my review. The Amazon links are affiliate links, the money earned if you buy the book through those links helps keep this site running.