5 Books to Read in 2013

There are many great green books out there and my bookshelves and Kindle are full of them. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start so I thought I would share five that I think are worth reading.

  • Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, by Beth Terry
    Plastic is full of toxins, almost always made from oil, and non-biodegradable. It’s causing a lot of environmental harm but it can be overwhelming to find solutions. Beth Terry lives an almost plastic-free life and has great info to share to make it much easier.
  • A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions, by Katharine Hayhoe and Andrew Farley
    This book takes a more religious approach to climate change. It sticks to the facts and shares why climate change is very important to Christians. Even if you aren’t a Christian, this book is an amazing read if you want know more about the science behind climate change.

These are just a small sample of the great green books out there. I would love to hear about any good green books you have read lately, just share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.





  1. Great list. I think I am going to try and read them all (1 done already!)

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