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Featured Business: The Little Bubble

The Little Bubble is a local handmade soap and bath products company in Oklahoma. It was started by 11 year old, AnnaBella. She uses natural, organic and sustainable ingredients for her products.

She sells her products on Etsy and at several local stores around Oklahoma. We got the chance to talk to AnnaBella about her products and she had a lot of great things to tell us.

Featured Business: The Little Bubble

GO: What was your motive for starting The Little Bubble?
AnnaBella: I started The Little Bubble as a homeschool project, I made lip balm and scrubs first and then learned to make natural soap. I’m allergic to a lot of preservatives, so I wanted to make things I could use without getting itchy!

GO: Why is it important that your business is eco-friendly?
AnnaBella: My family has always tried to be as eco-friendly as possible, to help our environment. We have a responsibility to our planet and to each other. I want to make sure the world is safe for when I’m grown up.

GO: What’s the best advice you have ever gotten about going green?
AnnaBella: My granny always reuses things, like jars & containers. I guess that is the best advice, I keep & reuse a lot of my supply tubs, and jars, and always ask my customers to reuse our jars for something awesome! Also I’ve learned to conserve the energy I use to make certain things. And that saves me money!

Featured Business: The Little Bubble

GO: What is one of your favorite products you offer?
AnnaBella: I love lip balm! But my next favorite thing is a tie between bath bombs and bubble bars. I love a good bath.

GO: Why do you feel it’s important to support locally owned businesses?
AnnaBella: Because when you help a local business you are helping your helping families, and friends. You get to see your money help your community.

GO: What is your favorite thing to do in Oklahoma?
AnnaBella: My new favorite thing is road trips. I love going to see new places in Oklahoma! Little towns I have never seen. It’s always an adventure and so much fun.

GO: Other than your own business, what is your favorite eco-friendly business in Oklahoma?
AnnaBella: I love Urban Agrarian! They have great plants, food and other cool things.

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