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Acclaimed Environmental Author to Speak at the University of Tulsa

plasticfreeBeth Terry the acclaimed author of Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too and the blog My Plastic-Free Life, will be speaking in Tulsa on April 2nd. The event is being put on by Booksmart Tulsa, the University of Tulsa, and make:Tulsa.

Beth Terry’s book shares her personal journey to reduce her use of plastic, lots of great tips to help you reduce your use of plastic, why plastic is such a problem, and it also profiles other activists that have helped with the plastic pollution problem. The profiles include myself, Lisa Sharp. Beth shares my story and how I helped to bring curbside recycling to my town here in Oklahoma. I will also be speaking at the event.

Before the event there will be a learning opportunity for alternative ways to use plastic and other recyclable materials. At the event make:Tulsa will share ideas for useful and decorative items using recyclable materials.

Here is what someone had to say about seeing Beth Terry speak at the University of North Carolina Wilmington earlier this month,

“What i learned was astonishing!….i knew that plastic was a problem and i thought that i was a pretty good steward …. I don’t use plastic bags, or saran wrap… I recycle. yadda yadda… I was humbled. There is SO much to the plastic problem that I didn’t know. And there are so many things that i can do to change my ways.”- read more

The event is Tuesday, April 2nd at the University of Tulsa. The talk will start at 7 p.m. but you will want to get there early for the pre-events, which start at 5:30 p.m. It’s sure to be a very interesting event and a great learning opportunity. Let’s give Beth Terry a warm Oklahoma welcome and fill the room. You won’t be disappointed if you come.

Photo Credit: Beth Terry


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Lisa Sharp is the founder of Green Oklahoma. She is passionate about the environment and improving Oklahoma for future generations. She also writes on her personal blog Retro Housewife Goes Green.

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  1. Oh Beth is amazing! I wish I were closer so I could attend this wonderful event. I would love to hear you speak too, Lisa. You both have such passion!

  2. Run, don’t walk, to see Beth Terry! Every time I’ve seen and heard her talk, I’ve been inspired to make yet another small yet meaningful change in my life. Beth has a way about her: her personal journey and nonjudgmental ways inspire rooms full of audience members time and time again.

    Now Lisa, how do we bring you to San Francisco? I’d love to hear you speak!

    • I am really looking forward to hearing Beth! And I would love to go to San Fran, I was there as a kid but it’s been a long time. I have family in southern Cal so I used to get out there a lot but it’s been awhile.

  3. Lisa, I would LOVE for you to come out here! What would it take???

  4. johnnie Kovarik says:

    Great Job, Mrs. Beth !!
    Your presentation was GREAT Tuesday at Tulsa University !
    This is what the world needs. People like you.
    Go change the world.
    And, keep on doing it.
    A Friend of Christ is a Friend of Mine – see Psalm 119:63 and John 15:13

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