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Advertising Policy

Green Oklahoma accepts paid advertising as well as free advertising through our directories. Only sites that are aligned with the site’s values are accepted. Some of the things that are looked at before a site is accepted are the following.

  1. The manufacturing of the products used and/or sold by the company. Some products like plastics and cement can seem green but the manufacturing of these products is very toxic. These products will only be accepted on a very limited basis, when we feel the good outweighs the bad.
  2. For personal care product we look that the ingredients are disclosed.
  3. We look at how products are handled when they can no longer be used. Such as are the items easily recyclable and if they aren’t easy to recycle does the company take them back.
  4. What packaging is used for products sold/used.
  5. Will this company help the consumer reduce waste and/or energy.
We do reserve the right to refuse any listing or advertising. If you have any questions about our policies please contact us at gogreenokla@gmail.com