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Herbal Oils and Your Home Apothecary: Lavender Infused Oil

Interested in making your own personal care products? Herbal oils are a great place to get started and lavender infused oil is sure to be a favorite. 

The Benefits of Lavender Infused Oil, Herbal Oils #Natural

When I first started studying herbal medicine many long years ago making herbal oils was the first thing that I fell in love with. I had always loved oils and lotions, but when I learned about what was in all the standard body oils I was really shocked.

All those years, slathering synthetic chemicals on my body!

I couldn’t believe that thousands of chemicals were unregulated and allowed in our body care products. Even the stuff that said ‘natural’ wasn’t so natural. I was so excited to learn that there was an easy alternative.

So fast forward, 25 years of making and using my own herbal oils. Of all the natural remedies that I teach about, herbal oils are hands-down the single most popular remedy that my students love to make and use the most.

The Benefits of Lavender Infused Oil, Herbal Oils #Natural

Healing herbal oils, they aren’t just for when you are beginning to build your home apothecary, they are for anyone at any stage in their herbal and wellness journey.

Not talking about essential oils here, I am talking about home-made, made from scratch, inexpensively in your own kitchen, herbal infused oils

Making your own herbal oils is also the single best way that I know of to really get inspired to use natural ingredients to moisturize your skin and avoid the harmful, hormone-disrupting, skin damaging and toxic ingredients found in body oils and body care products that wreak havoc on your hormones and your health.

Have you ever been duped by the label? It says natural, the label itself even has that ‘natural’ look, but then you get home and glance at the long list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.


You can join my free workshop here and learn how to make herbal oils right in your kitchen.

No more detective work trying to figure out what’s in all the ‘natural’ products or even worse, what wasn’t listed on the label (there are lots of chemicals in body oils and skin care products that legally don’t have to be listed.)

Making your own luscious, healing body oils is EASY!! There are many ways to make infused herbal oils and lots of different considerations, depending on which herb you use.

A home-made herbal infused oil is something that can be made at home, with simple kitchen equipment. It is not an essential oil. Essential oil production requires expensive distilling equipment and sometimes takes hundreds of pounds to produce a few ounces of essential oil.

The Benefits of Lavender Infused Oil, Herbal Oils #Natural

Herbal infused oils can be made in your kitchen and don’t have the same safety restrictions that essential oils have!

You can get into my free workshop where I’ll walk you step by step in how to make a very simple infused lavender oil. You are going to love this herbal oil; it has so many great home uses.

Lavender Infused Oil Benefits

Lavender is anti-inflammatory so it reduces itching and redness on the skin, it is antispasmodic, so it helps calm the muscles. It also has a rejuvenating and uplifting effect on the mind so I use it in the bath a lot!

The Benefits of Lavender Infused Oil, Herbal Oils #Natural

Lavender infused oil is also my favorite massage oil, especially for the feet! Lavender is a vulnerary herb, which means that it increases the rate of skin healing. It is the perfect oil for healing up minor cuts, scrapes, and scratches.

It’s the massage therapists dream and the Mother’s Little Helper all wrapped up in one oil.

Ready to activate the healing power of herb-infused oils in your home apothecary?

Follow along with me in this video and let’s make some lavender oil!