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Autumn Apples- Paleo Friendly Dessert

Looking for a great paleo and Whole30 friendly fall dessert? These apples are delicious, easy, and perfect for a healthy dessert.

Autumn apples, paleo dessert, whole30 dessert, healthy dessert

I’ve been a little crazy for ghee since I did my first Whole30 this year. I did another Whole30 in August and actually completed it. During that month I was on Instagram often, sharing pictures of my meals and gaining inspiration from other paleo foodies. I noticed almost all of them were using OMGhee and raving about it.

I placed my order for my first jar last week and received it this morning. Can I just say, WOW! I immediately opened my jar, feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, and had a little taste. Caramel. No joke, this is one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. I started dreaming up ways to play on that delicious flavor.

Although in Oklahoma we don’t seem to get fall until October or sometime even November or December, the minute September hits I start obsessing over all things pumpkin and apple. As the days grow shorter these things come into season and are the freshest and best of the year. So there is my story and here is my recipe.

Autumn Apples

Autumn apples, paleo dessert, whole30 dessert, healthy dessert



  1. Cut your apples into bite-size chunks.
  2. Over medium heat melt your ghee and toss in your apples.
  3. Squeeze the lime juice onto the apples.
  4. Add your pumpkin spice and continue to cook the apples until soft. It only takes about 5 minutes. Now you enjoy. Easy (and delicious) as pie.

You can easily increase this recipe and serve it this Thanksgiving or at holiday parties. It’s a nice break from the usually unhealthy treats we find around the holidays.

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Jessica Reagan is a cooking fanatic and loves entertaining and sharing her recipes with others, usually with a bottle of wine. She recently embarked on a journey to a primal/ paleo lifestyle which, in addition to diet, focuses on sleep, nature, and meditation for optimal health and general well-being.

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