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Cloth Diapering On the Go

clothonthegoAfter figuring out all of the logistics of how to cloth diaper at home, I suddenly realized that at some point we would need to leave our house. This thought left me with the question: how do you cloth diaper when you are away from home? Luckily, I saved up this question for the cloth diaper class that my husband and I took. Much to our relief, we learned that there are options for cloth diapering on the go.

Most of our outings consist of going to baby classes, the grocery store, or on a walk. None of these events take more than a few hours. Cloth diapering in these situations is fairly easy provided you keep the correct supplies on hand.

Babies are unpredictable and so are their diaper outputs. Make sure you have all your cloth diapering supplies with you. You definitely do not want to be caught off-guard while you are out and about without enough inserts or shells because, believe me; it is not fun when you are. My rule of thumb with baby supplies is to always bring more than what you think you will actually need. Since we primarily use all-in-two diapers, for a typical outing of a few hours I usually bring two extra shells and about five or six inserts and maybe an all-in-one just in case we encounter too many messes.

The most important item for cloth diapering while on the go is a zippered wet bag. Most wet bags have the same waterproof lining as some cloth diapers. Once your baby needs a diaper change, you can toss the dirty diaper or insert into your wet bag, zip it up, and go. There are many sizes of wet bags available. Our wet bag holds between seven and nine diapers which is usually a full day’s worth of diapering. This is more than enough room for a few hours worth of errands. When you get home, you can just dump your wet bag and its contents into your diaper pail and wash as usual.

Once you get the hang of cloth diapering on the go it becomes easy. I thought this aspect of cloth diapering would be a deal-breaker if we were not able to figure out how to successfully cloth diaper while out, but it turned out to be fairly simple.

Do you cloth diaper, any tips for cloth diapering away from home? Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.



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