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Ditch the Toothpaste, Brush with Soap

Ever thought about brushing your teeth with soap? Maybe you should!

Have you heard of brushing your teeth with tooth soap? Read what it is, how to do it and why you should.

Disclaimer: This is not to be considered medical advice. Please consult your dentist.

Remember when you had to wash your mouth out with soap for saying a bad word as a kid?  Well, it turns out your elders may have been onto something because brushing your teeth with regular bar soap has been shown to work better than commercial toothpaste.

The main man behind the movement, Dr. Gerard F. Judd from Arizona, published a book called “Good Teeth” aimed at allowing people retain their original teeth well into their elderly year by following a few simple rules to maintain a healthy mouth and gums.

One of these main rules is to brush with regular bar soap.  According to Dr. Judd, commercial toothpaste contains a high amount of glycerin which deposits a layer on the tooth that covers the plaque and prevents it from being brushed – taking a whopping 27 rinses to remove.   It also prevents the tooth from re-mineralizing, which is essential to the health of the tooth.   Soap actively kills bacteria and removes plaque, thus preventing the onset of one of the most common diseases in the world – gingivitis and tooth decay.

One of the other main points Dr. Judd brings up is the over use of fluoride that Americans are accustomed to.  His main argument is that fluoride has been shown to double tooth decay during an average lifespan.  And, since most water supplies contain fluoride the use of it in our mouth care is overkill.  By using regular bar soap, you are eliminating several unnecessary ingredients.

If the thought of tasting soap during your daily brushings gives you the chills, don’t worry because you will get used to the taste after 3-4 brushes.   The best recommendation is to use a bar soap that is detergent-free and contains a very high percentage of olive oil.  Olive oil should be the first ingredient on the list.  Coconut oil found in most detergent and non-detergent based soaps are what give them the very strong “soapy” taste.

If you can, try to find 100% olive oil soap (also known as true castile, where the only oil in the soap is olive oil) – it will be sweeter flavored. Brushing with tooth soap has become more popular and there are now commercial available tooth soaps, making that a great option as well.  An essential oil mint blend such as spearmint or peppermint will also help improve the taste.  Rinse well (at least 2 times) with water after brushing and don’t forget to brush your tongue to eliminate odor causing bacteria.

After the first brush you will notice your mouth feeling like you had just walked out of the dentist’s office.  And, your teeth will feel cleaner for a much longer period of time.  It’s worth a try.  You may even find yourself wondering what to do with your extra money from not having to buy toothpaste or pay for expensive dentist bills.

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Stephanie Roudabush is the Co-Owner of Theraganics, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based natural bath & body company. She is dedicated to educating and helping people through her handcrafted products due to her own past skin issues. She is a member of the Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild as well as the Tulsa Master Recyclers.

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  1. I use tooth soap from this store- http://www.etsy.com/shop/roseofsharonacres?section_id=5087674 I really like using it.

  2. How long does a 2oz jar of that tooth soap last you, Lisa?

    • I have a larger family size jar, which she doesn’t seem to have right now. It’s 4 ounces and my husband and I both use it. We ordered it in December and still have a lot.

  3. I am 60 years old, and started brushing my teeth with bar soap 6 months ago, due to my concerns over my obviously-receding gums. What a difference! After the first 2 days, the taste of the soap did not bother me, at all. The very first thing that I noticed, was that my teeth felt CLEAN! The next thing I noticed, was that my tongue was clean in the morning, and I did not have a film on my teeth. The first week, there were some little white “bumps” that showed up at the top of my gums, above my teeth. They were in the front, and a few along one side. I just figured that was a reaction to the elimination of toothpaste.

    The first soap I tried, was Dr. Bronner’s bar soap, with Peppermint in it. Then, I used Dove’s sensitive skin soap, and then Kirk’s castile soap. I ordered some Tooth Shreds, but frankly, could not get over their taste, or chasing the shred around my mouth.

    As of late, I have been using the olive oil soap – Kiss My Face brand, and love the job that it does. I also use activated charcoal, being very careful not to inhale it – which can be deadly – and also, just being careful, period. It is a bit messy, but whitens the teeth, and cleanses the mouth.

    I have noticed that the plaque build-up I used to get, is non-existant, and my gums look like they did when I was a child.

    Just what is going on with me, and love brushing my teeth with soap!

  4. I kinda randomly came up with the idea to brush my teeth with soap close to two months ago now. I really like doing it! My teeth feel super squeaky clean (literally) every day and my breath is not very bad anymore. The taste isn’t the worst ever, and if you can deal with it, you have a rockin’ clean mouth! I’m currently using Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand soap and the taste isn’t awful. It seems to work rather well, and you guys should try it out!

    • It is not a good idea to ever put anti-bacterial soap in your mouth. It contains many dangerous ingredients. Tooth soap is made using castile soap which is non-toxic.

  5. I love the tooth chips from roseofsharonacres.com!

  6. Are Abea’s olive oil soaps (‘Oliva’ and ‘Hygeia’) any good?

  7. Do you guys think olay bar soap would work or maybe dove ? Please help ASAP

  8. How can you tell if a soap has glycyrin? Do you know whether ABEA’s Oliva soap is good?
    Here is one strange thing: twice I tried using soap, and both times, I got sick that day/night with a sore throat.

  9. Hi Emily,
    Wondering if you have any updates on your bar soap routine and your gums…would love to know

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