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Throw an Eco-Friendly Football Party

Football is back and so is tailgating and football parties. Both can be a lot of fun but also create a lot of waste. This year try throwing an eco-friendly football party instead. 

How to throw an eco-friendly football party, eco-friendly tailgating

It’s football season and that means football parties and tailgating. Both are favorite past times of Oklahomans. We take our football seriously around here.

These parties can mean a lot of waste though. If you are trying to live more eco-friendly this can be really tough. You don’t need to ditch your parties though, just change them.

There are a lot of ways you can make your football parties more eco-friendly and still have a ton of fun supporting your favorite team.

Throw an Eco-Friendly Football Party

Better Food
Grilling is a popular option for tailgating and football parties but conventional food for grilling can have harmful ingredients like nitrates and the meat often comes from inhumane feedlots. There are better options though. Here are some great options for your next party.

Look for uncured hot dogs. Applegate Farm’s is a readily available brand. They have several great hot dog and dinner sausage options.

Throw an Eco-Friendly Football Party or Tailgate


Oklahoma has a lot of great local beef and bison that is perfect for grilling. The Oklahoma Food Coop is a great place to find local meat. Many natural food stores around the state also offer local meat. If you can’t find local meat, look for organic or pasture raised meat. Even Aldi often has grass-fed, organic beef.

Meat can have a pretty big environmental impact so it’s good to try and have some meatless meals as well, so if you are wanting a meatless meal or have any vegetarians coming why not make some homemade black bean burgers? Don’t forget the buns, check with local bakeries or make your own.

You will also need snack foods, there are great organic brands of chips and other snack and also some wonderful local options. Many local bakeries like Green Goodies in OKC use better ingredients in their delicious baked goods.

Additional Resource: Grilled Cheddar Sausage with Caramelized Onions Recipe

If you are at home it’s best to use real dishes if possible. If you plan to have a lot of parties a good option for dishes is to check local thrift stores for a few cheap sets to have just for party use.

If real dishes aren’t an option look for recycled, compostable, plastic-free, or tree-free products.  Here are some more eco-friendly options.


football party decor

Use things you already have around the house that are in your team’s colors. Also, check the thrift store for decorations. It’s a great way to get affordable decorations.

If you want some new items, take a look at Etsy for handmade options that are made to last. It’s a great way to support artisans and get great products.

How to throw an eco-friendly football party, eco-friendly tailgating

With these tips, you can celebrate your favorite team with friends without so much waste. Don’t forget to recycle and save your leftovers!

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