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Getting Your City to Recycle

Want to start a recycling program in your city? These tips will help you get started and encourage your city to recycle.

How to start a recycling program, getting your city to recycle

While many cities in Oklahoma have recycling programs, there are still many that don’t. So what can you do if your city doesn’t have a recycling program? It’s not something that will happen overnight but there are things you can do to encourage your city to recycle.

Getting Your City to Recycle

  • Talk to city officials and ask questions like, have you looked into having a recycling program? What would be your concerns about offering a recycling program?
  • Talk to people in your city to find out if others are interested in recycling. You can even set up a free survey on Google Docs or many other sites and share it on sites like Facebook, to find out what the interest levels are.
  • Consider starting a recycling coalition. Recycling coalitions like Ada Recycling Coalition have played big roles in getting recycling programs started. A few years ago the coalition in Ada helped convince the city to start a curbside recycling program which is still going strong.
  • Talk to nearby towns, that are about the same size, that currently have recycling programs. You can try and find out how their program got started and if they have any tips.
  • If your city contracts out your trash, see if you can talk to the trash company to find out if they offer a recycling program.
  • Ask to speak at a city council meeting about recycling and your desire to have a recycling program in your town.
  • Check out the Oklahoma Recycling Association, they have a lot of great information on recycling.
  • Most importantly, don’t give up and get others involved.

If you choose to take on this project it can be a lot of work but if you are able to make it happen you will have a lasting impact on your city and even the world.

Have a tip for how to start a recycling program? Post in the comments below.

We would also love to hear from you if you helped get your city to start a recycling program or are working on doing so, send us an email at gogreenokla@gmail.com


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Lisa Sharp is the founder of Green Oklahoma. She is passionate about the environment and improving Oklahoma for future generations. She also writes on her personal blog Retro Housewife Goes Green.

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