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Have a Greener Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of the year but it can also come with a lot of waste. Have a greener Halloween this year with these great tips.

Have a greener Halloween, Eco-Friendly Halloween, Zero Waste Halloween

Halloween will be here before we know it and that means lots of candy with questionable ingredients and a lot of waste. So how can you stay green and still celebrate Halloween? All you have to do is rethink Halloween and we have tips to get you started.

Candy & Treats

Halloween Treats

Look for natural candy and when possible Fair Trade certified and/or organic candy to help avoid nasty ingredients and be a bit more gentle on the planet. A great place to look for these items is Natural Candy Store, just be sure to order in time.

You can also skip all of the sugary candy altogether and go with non-edible treats, like eco-friendly packs of crayons, little notepads made from recycled paper, and other fun things.

For Halloween parties and your own family consider making your own homemade Halloween treats using natural ingredients.


Look for local costume swaps, borrow costumes from friends, make your own using tips from sites like Pinterest, and check out thrift stores, you will save money and avoid extra packaging. Be sure to also avoid costumes that contain PVC, which is toxic and often contains lead.

Carrying Your Treats

If you have brown paper bags around your kids can decorate them for their bags. They can also make one from a shoe box and magazines using this cute treat bucket tutorial. Or get a reflective reusable Halloween bag. It’s fun to use for trick or treating but also can be used as a reusable bag when not being used for candy.


A lot of Halloween decorations are made of cheap plastic and don’t hold up long-term. They may also contain harmful chemicals. Instead, make your own decor, shop second hand, or shop the options below.

Have a greener Halloween, Eco-Friendly Halloween, Zero Waste Halloween

Don’t forget to place your Natural Candy Store Halloween candy order before the shipping deadline. 



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