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Hundreds of Gallons of Oil Spill in Oklahoma

An oil spill was discovered around the area of Cardinal Cove, not far from Lake Texoma early last week. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) estimates that about 10 barrels, or 400 gallons, were spilled. It was the result of a small hole in a 2-inch pipe coming from an oil well.

The company responsible for the spill is Wichita-based Berexco LLC and they retain an oil spill response organization to clean up the spill. As of a few days ago it was estimated that over 95% has been recovered but the goal is to recover all of the oil.

Unfortunately a small amount of the oil has made it into the waters of Lake Texoma and booms have been placed to contain the spill. At the moment no injuries or deaths to wildlife have been observed resulting from the spill but the threat to wildlife is always a concern with an oil spill.

As of a couple of days ago the cleanup was ongoing. There is no estimate on how long the cleanup will take but the crew will work until the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and the OCC are satisfied that the spill is properly cleaned up.

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