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Oklahoma City Residents Encouraged to Use Rain Barrels

Rain BarrelOklahoma City has had a lot of issues with water the last several years. Oklahoma has been in and out of a drought and water consumptions continues to rise. Last year, in an effort to reduce water consumption, the city permanently put odd/even outdoor watering into effect. Now they are encouraging residents to take it a step further and install rain barrels.

Lawn and garden watering makes up around 40% of all household water use during the summer. Using rain barrels to collect rainwater to use during periods of drought can help greatly reduce this number. Rain barrel water is ideal for gardens, lawns, and window washing. Rain barrel water is not safe for consumption unless treated.

The Oklahoma City Council recently passed an ordinance that allows up to two 85-gallon rain barrels in a resident’s front yard. Any number of rain barrels can be placed in side or back yards as long as not visible from the street. The rain barrels must be securely covered with opens covered with a screen to prevent infestations of insects.

Oklahoma City and the Central Oklahoma Storm Water Alliance (COSWA) are offering discounted rain barrels online. Prices start at $59 plus $2.50 online handling fee. The deadline to order is March 28, 2014. Residents can check out rain barrels at the Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show, January 17-19 at the COSWA both (#1645).

The city’s website offers instructions for residents to make their own rain barrels. Rain barrels can also be found at many home improvement and garden stores.

Let us know if you already have a rain barrel or are planning to get one. We’d love to hear from you! Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Photo Credit: All rights reserved- Tiffany at Naturemoms.com

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