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Gluten-Free Holiday Treats

A gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats during the holidays. Try these gluten-free holiday treat recipes, you are sure to love them! The holidays are full of delicious treats, cookies, cakes, pies, and more. If you are avoiding gluten it can be hard to be around all of these treats. Having gluten-free holiday […]

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9 Foods to Avoid During Ragweed Season

Ragweed season is here. If you find yourself dealing with some new food allergies it may be oral allergy syndrome. Learn how to stop the symptoms. If you are experiencing allergies right now you are likely one of the 10-30% of Americans that suffer from hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. And of the most common […]

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8 Reasons to Shop Locally for the Holidays

Christmas will be here soon. While buying gifts give back to your community by shopping locally.  The holidays are fast approaching. There is so much to do, including gifts to buy. This holiday season you can help support your community by shopping locally. Here are eight reasons why it’s important to shop locally. Reasons to Shop […]

Gluten-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Gluten-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Bread is a delicious treat. It also makes a wonderful gift.  I have always loved to bake during the holidays. It is comforting when my kitchen is heavy with lingering scents of freshly made loaves of bread and pies. While I love traditional flavors like pumpkin, I also enjoy bringing unique […]

10 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage and Reduce Fuel Expense

You can improve your gas mileage and reduce fuel expenses without buying a new car!  While hybrids and electric cars are great ways to reduce your fuel consumption not everyone can afford a new car. There are many ways to make your current car more efficient to save money and reduce your use of gas. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Rake Your Leaves

Raking leaves is a chore you may want to skip this fall. There are several reasons to let the leaves be instead of bagging them up. As the leaves change color and fall we start to see bags of leaves lining the streets. Raking leaves isn’t a fun chore but one many believe is necessary […]

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Looking for vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes? These are delicious and perfect even for your non-vegetarian friends.  No matter if you are vegetarian, flexitarian, or just trying to reduce your meat intake, these recipes are perfect for your Thanksgiving meal. Many of these recipes are also vegan-friendly. None of them are short on flavor. Everything from main […]