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Creating a Paper-Free Home

We use a lot of paper and waste a lot of paper as well. Creating a paper-free home can help us reduce our impact on the earth and save money!

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Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and considering 93% of paper comes from trees that’s a lot of trees. All of this paper we are wasting also is costing us money, money we are throwing in the trash.

Reducing your paper use can save you money, reduce clutter, and of course help you live more sustainably. It can seem overwhelming at first because we use paper for so many things. We have paper towels, napkins, mail, and the list goes on and on.

Tips for Reducing Paper Use

Start slow, pick one or two of these tips to start with. Trying to do everything at once is overwhelming and can cause you to quit due to frustration. And while you are reducing your paper waste don’t forget to recycle the paper you do end up with and purchase products made from recycled paper. Doing this helps keep the cycle going and prevents the need to cut down as many trees.

Create a Paper-Free Kitchen.

We use a lot of paper in our kitchens. Using rags in place of paper towels, cloth napkins in place of disposable, and real hand towels in place of paper towels is a great place to start. You’ll be surprised how much less trash you have when you do these things!

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Stop the Junk Mail

I’m always amazed how much junk mail I get. Catalogs, credit card offers, random sales ads, it gets to be a bit crazy. There are some great ways to reduce this though. There are several great websites that help you get off of mailing lists. One of my favorites is DMAchoice. It’s an easy way to get off of those lists.

Additional Resource: Stop Junk Mail

Create a Digital Filing System

We all have mountains of paperwork and unorganized filing cabinets. It’s overwhelming and creates so much paper waste. Going to electric bills and getting as much of your paperwork online as possible can really help cut out a lot of paper. I highly recommend checking out, The Paperless Home. I can help you get organized and at the same time reduce your paper usage.

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