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Popular Baby Shampoo Contains Hazardous Chemicals

Raising children in the world today brings about more concerns than it used to. We are finding more and more products that are made with hazardous chemicals. Which products are safe to use and which will cause harm. It can be an overwhelming picture.

Many new parents receive a common gift at baby showers, baby shampoo and bubble bath. Every baby needs to be clean and that sweet smell of the bubble bath will do the job, right? What many parents do not realize is that the most commonly given baby shampoo and bubble bath contains known carcinogens.

Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo contains two carcinogens—formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane—that were not listed on labels. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has actually been trying since March of 2009 to have the company remove these ingredients from their products. The company has come out with a “natural” product that does not contain any known carcinogens. However, the “natural” formula costs more than the original formula, which still contains the harmful chemicals and is still on the shelves.

The problem with this is that many families are still purchasing the original formula because of the cost factor and because it has been around for years and being the original shampoo people feel that it can be “trusted,” but apparently that is not the case. Johnson and Johnson made a statement on Oct. 31 2011, stating that they plan to phase out formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from it’s baby products worldwide. This will be a great relief to parents!

Editors Note: Click here for a few alternative baby care products. The Soap For Goodness Sake product is a locally made product!

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Deanna Layman is a stay at home mom, blogger and passionate about “going green.” After the birth of her son she realized just how much we are exposed to chemicals. She decided to begin her journey of going green. She is passionate about it and love to share all the new adventures she is experiencing. She also started a site for moms, Raisinginspiration.com, a place for moms to go and be encouraged, inspired and to create community.

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