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Disneynature’s African Cats

Disneynature started in 2008 and on Earth Day 2009 released their first movie, Earth. Earth is a stunning look at the planet we live on and the many plants and animals we share it with. Last Earth Day they released Oceans, which takes you on a journey through the world’s many oceans. And this Earth Day they released their latest film, African Cats. African Cats follows a young lion cub named Mara and her mother, Layla, and Fang, a pride leader. As well as Sita, a mother cheetah raising five newborn cubs.

These films are meant to help bring a part of nature we otherwise wouldn’t see to the big screen. Keith Scholey, one of the film’s directors, feels the film helps teach us lessons. “The first most import thing is, I think, to value nature, you have to experience these animals in a way that really excites you. That you really get to understand how beautiful they are but also their way of life but more the challenges wild animals have to face to be able to succeed in the wilderness… I think after than what happens after that is you say build up a sense of value for the animals. And value is the starting point of anything that follows in term of conservation.”

African Cats is playing in theaters all over Oklahoma, to find a theater near you click here. If you see the movie before April 28th, Disneynature will donate a portion of your ticket cost to the African Wildlife Foundation for the Amboseli Corridor project.


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