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OKC Zoo Welcomes Baby Elephant

On April 15th, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden welcomed their first baby elephant born in the zoo. The elephant is the baby of Asha, a 16 year old Asian elephant and a 39 year old Asian elephant that resides at the Tulsa Zoo, named Sneezy.

The new baby elephant is a healthy 304 pound female. Baby, mom and aunt are currently off display while they get to know each other. You can give the new mom and baby a gift by checking out the elephant registry. Prices for the gifts range from $5 and up. Some items include: Boomer Balls, Blow Up Pools, Home Depot Gift Cards, Lowe’s Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards and several other items which you can find on the zoo’s website. The gifts can be dropped off during regular office hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The gifts are tax deductible.

There is one more very important thing the new baby needs, she needs a name. The zoo wants your help naming this new baby. You can vote on the website and the name will be announced on Mother’s Day. The choices are:

Malee: Pronounced “MAY-lee,” this is the Thai name for “flower” or “jasmine.” This name is the keeper’s choice, meaning it’s their personal favorite!

Annika: Pronounced “AH-nik-uh,” is a Dutch name that means “favor” or “grace.”

Hanako: Prononced, “HAH-nuh-koh,” is Japanese for “flower girl.”

Be sure to go vote and watch for updates on the baby elephant on the zoo’s Facebook page.


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Photo credit: Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden