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Choctaw Nation Expands Their Recycling Program

_DSC_0565The Choctaw Nation opened a recycling center in Durant the end of 2010 and have continued to lead the way in the state, with their recycling efforts.

The recycling center accepts paper, cardboard, plastics #1, 2, and 5, aluminum, tin/steel cans, printer cartridges, e-waste, and even Styrofoam. The Choctaw Nation also operates several drop-off locations around the state and in Denison, Texas.

This year the Choctaw Nation has expanded their efforts even more with a new endeavor called Choctaw Project IMPACT. The project focuses on recycling in the northeast portion of the Choctaw Nation.

The project has allowed for a new recycling center, similar to the one in Durant. The center is located in Poteau. It opened earlier this month and is going strong. The center is open to all residents and businesses in the community.

The Choctaw Nation hopes to have special collection events for things like e-waste.  And they want to engage the community by working with Girl/Boy Scouts, senior citizens, youth groups and more, to help spread awareness for why recycling is important.

IMPACT is funded by a grate issued to Choctaw Recycling by Administration for Native Americans (ANA), Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS).

“Through the grant we expect to reach around 120,000 people,” stated Director of Project Management Tracy Horst. This recycling program is aimed at providing education and collection activities to divert recyclable waste from landfills or being dumped through our communities. These types of efforts will “definitely make a positive impact on community health and well-being,” continued Horst.- read more

The Choctaw Nation is providing Oklahomans not only with amazing recycling opportunities that will help keep useful materials out of our growing landfills, but they are also providing jobs to Oklahomans. Their efforts are proof of what recycling can do for the state, both environmentally and economically.

If you would like to learn more about the Choctaw Nation’s recycling programs be sure to visit their website and the Choctaw Nation Going Green Facebook page.

Photo Credits: The Choctaw Nation


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