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Top 5 Ways to Save: Buying Organic on a Budget

Buying organic food doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy organic food on a budget with a little work. These are some easy tips to help you stay on budget while buying organic food. 

Top 5 Ways to Save, Buying Organic on a Budget

Using coupons does not mean you are stuck eating processed foods. While it does take a bit more creativity, buying organic on a budget is entirely possible. Simply applying basic money-saving techniques can land you big savings at the register and big health benefits as well.

Buying Organic on a Budget

  1. Use Coupons: While it may appear most coupons are for processed, conventional foods, you can find coupons for organic products as well if you know where to look. Visit the manufacturer’s website directly, sign up for newsletters and call your favorite companies as well.  A simple phone call to customer service asking for coupons could have a big payout. MamboSprouts.com also offer printable coupons for organic products and WholeFoods has an app with mobile coupons, as does Sprouts.
  2. Timing: When it comes to strategic shopping, timing is everything. Instead of using a coupon the very second you cut it out, wait until your item hits its rock bottom price. When you see an amazing sale, that is the time to use your coupon!
  3. Stockpile: When your items are at their lowest price, use your coupon and stock up. This means you will need multiple coupons (you might want to pick up a few extra papers). Don’t worry, you do not have to stock up for 2 years, just keep enough until your item goes on sale again which is typically every 6-8weeks. If you like organic produce, purchase fruit in season and freeze it so you can use it all year long.
  4. Menu Plan: Planning your menu around sales, coupons and your stockpile will bring in the most savings. Sales are store loss leaders, those items bring the most savings in the store each week. When you combine your coupon with those, you’ll get double the savings. Planning your menu around simply those two savings methods can easily cut your grocery bill in half without much effort at all! Don’t let your stomach tell you what to eat, tell your stomach what to eat and plan around those sales!
  5. Organization: Once you learn how to get multiple sets of coupons, you must find a way to organize those coupons that will work for you. Pick up a 3 ring binder and organize your coupons using baseball card holders. This will allow you to see your coupons clearly which will help you use them before they expire. You can divide them up into sections such as beverages, frozen, cereal, etc.

No matter what types of food you purchase, you can save a bundle by learning how to shop smart. It is not as hard as it looks and certainly does not mean you’ll be eating junk food. Companies producing organic products know you need to save now more than ever, hunt down those savings and let the healthy eating on a budget begin!

If you would like to learn more about strategic shopping, check out Couponing 101 on MoneySavingQueen.com.





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Sarah Roe, as known as the Money Saving Queen, is a wife and mother living in Oklahoma. She started couponing when her oldest son was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies and now is sharing what she has learned. She is syndicated in cities across the US and also can be seen on News on 6 and News 9. You can follow Sarah Roe on her website Money Saving Queen.

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  1. Genie Radachy says:

    With the cost of milk, eggs, orange juice hitting an all time record high, are there any places or websites to get coupons for dairy products??? Thanks so much.

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